Need a bit of help with that?

How I wish that when you typed out ‘the end’ you could send the email to your publisher, dance away from your keyboard and wait for it to hit the bestseller lists.

Maybe you’re in that small percentage of people who can, but for the rest of us, we have to start the hustle…
Being a writer and author today means also being a PR guru, social media manager, sales team, marketing team, accountant, secretary, professional speaker, cinematographer and the list goes on!

That’s why I started the weekly newsletter The Writer’s Guide To…

Jumping in your inbox every Friday, it’s packed full of tips, tricks, hacks, how-to, guides and loads more other stuff to help you do everything you have to.

It’s a way of feeling less overwhelmed and alone in all this other ‘stuff’ we have to do. Come and join the community and here is 10% off for being so wonderful!

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