The Secretary

‘An addictive page-turner . . . Highly recommended!’ Samantha Tonge

‘Mind blown! The end was a triumph, absolutely brilliant!’ Rona Halsall

‘Gripping and powerful! A fantastic read!’ Lauren North

‘Fast paced and intriguing. I loved The Secretary Victoria Selman

‘School run revenge at its best’ Jacqueline Ward

‘I couldn’t put it down – a gripping read’ Mary-Jane Riley

A well-plotted, twisty-turns tale . . . [A] page turner’ Barbara Copperthwaite

So clever. Reading it as a mother, you can’t help but question yourself throughout: Would I do that? Would I go that far?‘ Laura Pearson

The teachers thought they knew her, they were wrong…

A page-turning and deeply compulsive psychological thriller about a school secretary and how dangerous it can be to make enemies at the school gates. For fans of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and The Rumour by Lesley Kara.

When single mum Ruth has a brief fling with Rob, she’s mortified to discover that he lied to her. He lied to her, because he’s married. Worse still, he’s the husband of Janine, head of the PTA at the primary school where Ruth works as secretary, and when the truth of their fling is discovered, Ruth suddenly has a lot of enemies at the school gates.

Threatening texts begin to arrive, rumours abound and the staff room becomes hostile. But when it also starts to affect her son, a student at the school, Ruth realises you can do anything if you convince yourself it’s for the sake of your child.

Even murder.  BUY NOW

I loved this book. So well written. I found this book unputdownable!!‘ Reader review

Fan Flipping-tastic thriller! I was completely hooked from page 1 and could not put this book down!’ 4* Reader review

What can I say about this book?!!!!… it was so good. I read it in one day… I couldn’t put it down.’ Reader review

Amazing book!!!!’ Reader review

I raced through this book in a desperate attempt to discover the answers which became darker and more horrific than I could imagine’ Reader review

You can always trust your best friend…can’t you?

When Rachel discovers a Twitter message arranging a romantic liaison she assumes her husband is having an affair, and follows him. What she witnesses is so much worse: a hit and run using his car.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s friend and business partner Suzie is increasingly worried about her fiancé, who’s not been in touch for days. When Suzie learns of huge debts racked up in her name she fears he has run out on her, but then the threatening calls start and she thinks something terrible has happened.

Rachel and Suzie are both about to learn shocking things about the men they love, worse than they could ever imagine… Can their friendship survive?