How to get back on track: tips and strategies for making up missed writing time

After the last Monday Muse when I said I felt like I wrote like the wind, this week I have got hardly any words down.

Other commitments have taken over the blocks of time that I save for writing.

It was completely unavoidable and I’m about 7k down on my writing schedule. 7000 words down! 

I have a weekly goal and track my progress and this has really hit it hard.

I was feeling down about it, moaning to my husband and friends, until one of them kindly told me that moaning about missed writing time, and not actually doing anything about it, wasn’t productive. 

It certainly wasn’t making me feel any better, just frustrated and unmotivated.

And as so many posts about writing progress seem to be about quantity of words, here’s a post about when you get zero done.

When you have a schedule, a writing goal, but life gets in the way.

The first thing to remember, I think, is to go easy on yourself and kind of, expect that this will happen.
Life is unpredictable and messy and things don’t go to plan, so prepare for bouts of no words.

That’s my first bit of advice from being there this week, don’t beat yourself up about it. I wasted the whole of an early evening faffing and moaning when I could have squeezed in a hour of writing.

The next thing I’d suggest is taking a look at your writing planner and reminding yourself why you’re writing at all. Read over your wish list and your yearly goals as it’s a great boost for remembering your motivation.

What makes you want to write at all.

Here’s what else I plan to do to reclaim that missed writing time.

  1. I’ve rejigged my schedule for the upcoming weeks in my writing planner and put a few more writing blocks in here and there.
  2. Some of those writing blocks are small amounts of time that I usually wouldn’t consider. Half an hour here and there. Fifteen minutes when I’m waiting in the car whilst collecting my daughter from an after school activity. I’m embracing writing in small chunks.
  3. I’ve made strict rules. Those writing blocks are to be without distraction, meaning I can’t have my phone nearby. I’m not allowed to open the internet on my laptop, and if I need to research something, I’m leaving that space blank to come back to later.
  4. No editing whilst writing. These time blocks are for writing only. Editing comes later. Perfection can get in the sea in these writing zones.
  5. I’ve added a shortcut on my phone to a folder in my notebook so that throughout the day, I can jot down ideas, thoughts, plot resolutions etc. super quick.
    All my notes will be in one place, meaning that when I come to my precious writing blocks, I know exactly what I’m going to write about.

I’m feeling pretty good about it now.

I know I won’t be able to make it all up, but this process is a way to help me write faster, get more organised and hit those targets.

Do you have any strategies for getting back on track?

What do you find helps when reclaiming lost writing time?

Leave a comment, because I kind of need all the help I can get right now!

Have a great week,

Zoe x

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