Hello you

After I’ve finished writing this and I’m going to press ‘publish.’

This site is not ready, if you’ve clicked on half of the links I’ve put up here, you’ll see they lead nowhere. But I’ve had this domain name for more than a month, I’ve had the idea for a blog and my own site for a year, and if I don’t go ahead and press publish now, I’m afraid this site may never happen.  I’ll be lost down the rabbit hole of procrastination and perfectionism, so, sod it.  It’s going up and I’m telling people about it, even though it’s not quite ready.

But before I press publish, let me write down what I want this site to be so I don’t forget.

Ok, posting schedule. I’m going to try and post, two times a week, maybe three.  I think I’ll do a post on Friday, and one on Tuesday, that sounds reasonable.  I only get to visit most blogs I adore once a week so that’ll do for now I think.

A book club, that’s the first post to write properly.  And I’ve just taken the picture for Instagram this afternoon, showing what book I’ve picked so that’s going up soon, in fact, it’s going up tomorrow.  Yep, I’ll put that up tomorrow.
You see, I got brave the other week and asked a bunch of lovely women who I don’t see enough of if they wanted to join a book club.  I explained that I needed to be around a group of people who were adults and not family members. I wanted to get out of the house and needed a monthly reason to do it, so that was my idea but with a special twist – if you don’t get time to read the book, that’s ok! Come anyway.  If you don’t like the book and don’t read it, that’s ok! Come anyway.  Thankfully, they all said they’d love to be a part of it. (We haven’t actually met up yet, so I could still be sat in a pub on my own when the time comes) Anyway, I put this out there and a few people who I also love online wanted to join in, so there’s going to be a part of this site for that. Not quite worked out the finer points, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Instagram.  I want to post up what I’m learning about Instagram and photography as I go along so I don’t forget and also, so I can measure if I’m improving. My account is teeny-tiny at the moment, only 2k, but if you’d told me I’d have that amount of followers this time last year, I’d have been overjoyed! So for me, it’s a win and I’ve learned a lot since starting my account that I want to write about. What’s worked, how I got my followers, how I met the most loveliest of people, that kind of stuff.

Writing.  Same as instagram.  Everytime I come to sit down and start a new writing project, I forgot how I did it last time.  I need to write down my notes on plotting and structure and character and all that, so next time I’ve got the blank page in front of me, I’ll know what to do. (Ha!  here’s hoping I’ll know what to do anyway)

That’s my ideas so far.

But from other bloggers out there, I’ve kind of learned it’s good to have a framework, but not a rigid plan, so I’ll probably be waffling about all kinds of random stuff on here before long.
I’ve also heard that blogging is so last year, that it’s going nowhere and y’know, it’s generally out of fashion so does that mean that there are less bloggers around now and less people reading?
Who knows, who cares, I doubt very much that hardly anyone will pop by here, but for the few who do visit, I’ll hopefully have time and be able to engage and that’s what this is all about isn’t it?  Making connections.  So hurrah!  I now have a blog.  If you are still here, thank you for reading!  You are my probably my first and only visitor, let me get you a brew.

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