My Story

Hello you!

I’m Zoe, thanks so much for having the curiosity to drop by this page.

These ‘about’ parts of a website are a killer to write, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

I write psychological thrillers and my first book IF HE WAKES was an international kindle bestseller, (I’m putting that here first because I’m a bit delighted about that!) My next book THE SECRETARY is due out June, 2019 and you can pre-order it now!

I love my day job (which I realise is a very lucky thing to be able to say) where I provide tracking devices for falconers and wildlife.

I get to work with my husband (which is sometimes a very lucky thing to be able to say) and we live in the Lake District which is just a dream.  And that’s no exaggeration, it was our dream for a very long time since we came to the Lakes for university and then again for our honeymoon and practically every chance we could, so when in 2015 we were finally able to make it a reality after wanting to move here for so long, it was a complete dream!

I really enjoy reading and think that it’s a massive big deal to be able to escape into another world at any time and any place.
My favourite books are the domestic noir type that I write and I’m part of an online book club where we all share our passion for books in this genre, but I quite like a romance novel every now and then.

I’ve also got two kids, three dogs and we’ve a couple of falcons in the garden as my husband is a falconer.

Hmmm, what else? I’m a photographer and call myself a bookstagrammer over on Instagram where I combine my love for books with the countryside. If you want to chat, come find me on Instagram and Twitter as well if you like.  That’s basically it.  That’s me.