My Story

Hello you!

I’m Zoe, thanks so much for having the curiosity to drop by this page.

These ‘about’ parts of a website are a killer to write, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

I created this site as a place to share things I’ve discovered that I think you may find interesting. An online journal where I can write about my thoughts and experiences and anything else I fancy. 

I write psychological thrillers with my first book due out April 2018, I’m a photographer with an Instagram addiction, and now with me starting this site I suppose I’m a lifestyle blogger, (although that’s a proper arbitrary term isn’t it? Lifestyle blogger, I may edit that bit out later.)



I love my day job (which I realise is a very lucky thing to be able to say) where I provide tracking devices for falconers and wildlife.

I get to work with my husband (which is sometimes a very lucky thing to be able to say) and meet all manner of interesting people.

That’s basically it.  That’s me. 


Come procrastinate with me on Instagram and Twitter as well if you like.