Writing Army

writing army

I’ve started a writing army.

True story.

Okay, so maybe the word ‘army’ is a slight exaggeration because maybe I don’t actually know how many soldiers are in this writing army, but I like to think it’s a lot. All with keyboards, pens and pads, scribbling away.

How did this start and what is it? I hear you ask, well, let me tell you.

I’ve quite a bit I want to write. I’ve got a book to edit and another book to write. I want to do more blog posts and outline several other ideas I’ve got and I realised if I want to get them done, I need some accountability.

I was watching the brilliant Bookish Baker who has started a writing vlog and I thought it was marvellous. She does this weekly video on IGTV about what she’s accomplished and it’s really inspiring.
For about a millisecond, I was going to start a writing vlog, until I realised I don’t have time to film and edit every week, as well as writing, so here’s what I’ve come up with instead.


Writing intentions

I’m going to set my writing intentions for the day and make it public.
I’ll probably stick to Instagram stories for this as they disappear after twenty-four hours which makes me feel a bit more comfortable about it as I don’t really have time to plan anything – it’s just me rambling away. (The first one I forgot to take my glasses off for half of it, so was quite glad when that disappeared.)


Show the writing time

I’m going to take a quick snap-shot and put it up on Instagram stories of when I’ve got time to write. Sometimes I only have an hour. Sometimes I have a morning. But by making the time ‘writing time’ and showing it publicly, it will hopefully make my writing more productive. It’s also like a bit of a game…like, ready, steady, write!  And so far it’s stopped me procrastinating.


Fill in the days words

I designed a template for Instagram stories that I plan to fill in each day. Showing how many words I have to write and what I’ve done for the day.
On the first day I started this I had done zero words and putting down that zero and then publishing it made me feel sad. The next day I wrote two thousand words so I feel it’s working already.

So, you in?

If you fancy joining my writing army and if you’re Instagram, come over and download the free template. Tag me in on your stories and use the hashtag #writingarmy so I know to cheer you on and let’s do this!

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