Writer’s shopping list

writers shopping list

Hello 2019!

I realise I’m a bit late with this blog post to be wishing you that, but I took an unintentional break from the internet and social media in general over the holidays and I felt so much better for it.

I played with the kids, went for long walks, visited friends, watched films, read some books (but not nearly enough) and it was lovely. Fully recommend it.

But now, it’s January and I’ve a new book to write, the first book that I’m actually writing whilst under contract and I’m a bit….eeeeeekkkkkk! So in the true spirit of procrastination, I’m making out a writer’s shopping list of everything I’ll need to get on with writing this book.

A few of the things listed below I got for Christmas presents, a few I’m treating myself to. I’m open to all the tips and tricks that any writers use out there to get their writing on, but here’s my writers shopping list so far.

Journal/ bullet journal

For me, I have to make a lot of notes before I start a book. A lot. I need to know who my characters are, any distinguishing features, their age, their likes, dislikes, personality etc. And this doesn’t come out all at once, at first I only have the slightest flavour of them. As the story develops so do my characters and so I need an ongoing list that I can add to. I like the look of this bullet journal on Amazon, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then watch this quick video.

Note cards and pin board

I’m a visual person, I like to have the scenes mapped out so I can move them around if it’s not working. Structure is so, so important in a novel, especially a thriller, you can’t mess about with it or do so at your peril. I have to see where the story is going, if there is enough tension, what scenes can be dropped and the only way to do this for me, is to have it all pinned up on a massive noticeboard. And it has to be a sturdy one, as our house doesn’t have an office so this noticeboard is going to be moved a lot as it has to be put away every time I’ve finished using it!

Small notebook

This is the one I carry around in my bag, in my pocket. The one that I can bring out in a second if I need to make a note of something to add to my other journal later. And if you think, ‘I have my phone, or I’ll remember everything to add later’ then read this post about why this is probably the most important thing on the writers shopping list.

writers shopping listNew cup

Okay, this is not a necessity, but I do love a new cup every time I start a new book. It’s like a good luck charm, a talisman, a thing that will see me through to the end. I haven’t bought it yet, but I have my eye on this one as it says it all.

Highlighters and pens

Obvious but then there are so many times when I’ve come to make a note and can’t find a pen. I get a load of these supplies in at the start of writing a book so that will never happen (but even so, it always happens)


And that’s my writer’s shopping list so far. I’m going to post about how I use all of this stuff and how I’m structuring the book, so watch this space.

What’s your favourite stationery items?


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