Working from home in the holidays : tips to manage the kids

Working from home sounds fantastic, until the school holidays roll around. I work in an office, but do all my writing work at home, so as it’s the holidays and a few of you are working from home, I thought I’d share a couple of things I do for getting work done.

working from home


  1. Schedule self entertainment

    My writing time is early evening.  I know this isn’t the same as having them ALL DAY when you’ve got deadlines to meet, but, if I’m going to be writing, I always try to plan stuff to keep my little one occupied. I’ve found that if I just leave her to her own devices or watching a screen, it doesn’t work.
    So before I open the laptop, I have some activities for her to get on with.  I find a rota of activites works best, dotted around the house.  I do stuff like an art station, a dressing up place, a jigsaw and reading place.  I put these in different rooms so there is always something to do and in a change of location as well.  Downside is the house is a complete tip, but it’s worth it.

  2. Working from home time

    I explain that I’m going to be working, but not for very long.  I make it clear that I’m not playing along in the various activities I’ve set up so she knows what to expect.  I also walk her through everything that’s on offer so that independant play will happen. The time constraints are also a reminder to myself that I’ve only got a short time to write, so I’d better get on with it.

  3. Get up early/ go to bed later

    Trying out a different routine sometimes works. I’m not an early riser but I can work late into the night.  It’s a killer the next morning, but there’s always coffee.

  4. Get help

    That’s not really a top tip is it?  But if you’ve got tonnes of work to do and no childcare, just accept that the work isn’t going to happen unless you get help.
    Working from home with kids doesn’t really work long term, or for an entire day. You can do stints here and there, but have realistic expectations. Look at holiday clubs, summer clubs, child care groups, there’s stuff out there, often very local,  so if you need to get something really important done, plan for it.

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