What it’s like having a book published

It’s been five days since If He Wakes was published.  It went on sale on Monday and I’m still excited about it.  To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever stop being excited about it.

book published, if he wakes, zoe lea


I woke up ridiculously early on Monday morning.

I wasn’t sure what I expected to happen, but it felt like Christmas.  I was giddy and nervous and scared all at the same time. Firstly I went to check my phone to see the ‘buy now’ button next to my book on Amazon, and to my amazement there was already a review!
Some lovely reader who’d read an advance copy of the book had posted up their review and given it five stars. I think I squeaked a bit at that, because I’ve been told over and over how important reviews are (apparently they mean alot to the mysterious algorithm that Amazon has in place and the more reviews you have, the more Amazon promotes your book,  or so I’ve been told)

I then went to Twitter where a lovely reader had sent me a picture of her reading the book with the message that it had been highly recommended to her, and when I read that, I know I squeaked.
To see someone, a stranger, reading the words that you’ve written is pretty amazing.

It carried on like that for the rest of the day, friends, family and random strangers sending me pictures of them reading my book!  It was just brilliant.
And it’s hard to write this without putting in a plethora of exclamation points after every sentence, but the day was one huge exclamation point.  I got lots of lovely messages, lots and lots of them and I was pretty much overwhelmed for how much love there was for me and this book.  This book that took me years to finally get finished and people were actually reading.

And the loveliness hasn’t really stopped.

book published, if he wakes, zoe lea
The blog tour has started and reading a fresh article each day with another look at how someone felt about If He Wakes has been wonderful and insightful.
There really have been some amazing reviews, one reader said it’s ‘such twisty, turny book, with a fast plot, getting quite dark as it took several turns I wasn’t expecting at all’  And another blogger wrote, ‘Zoe Lea has written an outstanding novel which is guaranteed to squeeze every breath out of your body like a popped balloon.’  I liked that expression, a popped balloon of a reader.

And at the time of writing this, I’m up to twenty four reviews on Amazon which is just…wow!

I also had a moment where I nearly choked on my coffee as I thought for a millisecond that Keanu Reeves had liked a tweet about my book.  And I know it’s not the Keanu Reeves, but for now, I’m pretending it is.

book published, if he wakes, zoe lea


So that’s been my week so far after having my book published.  Pretty amazing.

It’s been everything I expected and more and if you’re reading this with a book of your own in the pipelines, please carry on.  This book took me years to get finished, at times I thought I’d never get it done and now it’s out there I can safely say it was all worth it.
So if you’re writing and getting rejected and struggling, please keep going.  Don’t stop writing.  And when you do have a book out, let me know so I can send you a picture of me reading your book and you can squeak and write all further sentences with exclamation points!

And if you are one of the people who’ve read my book, left a review or retweeted a tweet, thank you.  It all means so much.  And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  Get it now!


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