Too Busy for a Book Club? Join our online version

Book clubs are great.
Joining one means you read a book at least once a month, you meet new and interesting people and you’re introduced to books you wouldn’t normally read. It also means that when you’ve read the book, you’ve people to discuss and debate it with.


I’ve been involved in a book club for a while, we choose a book and then plan a date to meet up and discuss. But the problem is, we’re all super busy.

The date to meet tends to get changed, and sometimes, we don’t all manage to read the book. And other times, we meet up and have so much to talk about we forget about the actual book discussion! But to be honest, when we do meet up it’s totally brilliant, book club discussion or not.

I did a few posts on here about the books I was reading and then, me and a few other authors got chatting and we set up a kind of online book club via Facebook.

The Book Club Online

Now I don’t know if it’s the way Facebook pages work, or because of my lack of organisation within the group, but of late it seems to have fallen a bit flat. I’ve had a chat with the other authors who run it along with me and we think it might be down to the name.

What’s in a book club name?

We picked The Domestic Suspense book club and let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a mouthful.

Also, I’m not quite sure that the Facebook algorithm knows what to do with us.

The reason for the name was to try and encapsulate the overall feel of the books we like to read and write.
They tend come under the umbrella of Psychological Thrillers, but that seemed too narrow a name. I mean, what about all the books branded women’s fiction with a darker themes?
I just read Graham Norton’s book which was great and it covered a very dark theme, but would you say he writes thrillers?
Or the books on a serious subject with lots of twists? They aren’t necessarily thrillers, so the result being, we came up with Domestic Suspense.

What do you like to read?

So we’re going to change the name of the book club and for this, lovely reader, I need your help.

We’re having a bit of a vote over on the page, and these are the titles to choose from.

  • Dark Books
  • Book Thrill Seekers
  • Books with a Bite

Please come over and join and tell me which book club name you like best. I’d love it if the online book club that we’ve got going could be a place where we all meet and debate good reads over a glass of imaginary wine.


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