September update (I signed a book deal!)

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. So much that I’ve neglected this blog, my Instagram posts  and remember those Creative Intentions for September? Well, they’re still very much intentions.

But now I feel I’m through it, and can write about and tell you everything that’s been going on.

First up, we changed offices for the day job. To be honest, I didn’t even thing this was going to be a thing, because it’s only an office change, right? I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We were only moving around the corner, but in the process of packing everything onto a van and then unpacking it, we lost the network and Internet and half of the papers that were vitally important and…why am I telling you this?
Well, for two reasons, first off, the new office is amazing and I have the best window seat. That view in the picture there? That’s what I see, which is a MASSIVE improvement as the last office only had skylights and no windows at all. I plan to do a #viewfrommywindow thing as the seasons change because it is so lovely.

And the second reason I’m telling you this is to remind us all what a massive impact the day job has on everything else. And I mean everything.
Whilst we were getting straight in the office, I was tired, we ate junk (the thought of cooking from scratch was, quite frankly, ridiculous) and my writing suffered. I got the words down, but I’ve read them again this week and they’re all rubbish. I’ve already deleted about three thousand of them.

So if you’re going through something at work, don’t expect it not to spill over into other parts of your life. I tend to compartmentalize and sometimes, it’s just not possible. So give yourself a break, is basically what I’m telling you. You can’t do everything all at the same time.

The next thing I’ve got to tell you, is I signed a book deal.


That was a big day, I can tell you. I knew about it for a while, my agent had told me, emails had been sent, but I couldn’t quite believe it until I got the contract in my hands.

And the thing is, I’ve already done this. I had a brilliant book deal for If He Wakes with Canelo, I got goosebumps then and thought it would be a one-time thing as a novice writer, but it wasn’t. Signing the contract this time was just as thrilling. And, with this deal, I get to have a paperback. Eeeeek!

I adore eBooks, I love my kindle and being able to have a digital book published was amazing, but I do love good ol’fashioned paperbacks.
I like the smell and feel of them, I like stacking them up on my bookshelves and it was always the dream to walk into a bookshop and see mine on the shelf, so I’m really, really excited.

If you want to read provisionally what my next two books are going to be about, have a look here, but I plan to blog whilst I’m writing them and bore you with it all anyway.

Oh and one last thing, I’ve opened up a book club on Facebook as my online book group was dwindling a bit. Come and join us. So far I’ve got about a zillion book recommendations already!

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