Is blogging worth it as a writer?

I used to think no. I’m not a consistent blogger. I have lots of ideas for posts, but I work full-time and I’ve a busy family life, so blogging has kind of been put to the bottom of the list. I’ve had this blog for a couple of years now and it’s only recently that I really took stock of it.

I got an email from a marketing company that made me take a look at my insights in a way I hadn’t really considered before. I looked at the money it makes me, the reach I get and suddenly realized that I’m not utilizing it nearly enough and that yes, blogging is definitely worth it as a writer. Here’s why:

Writing with freedom

You may not write a blog post every week, every month even, but when you do, it’ll be in the style and format that you want. You don’t have a deadline apart from the one you set yourself. You don’t have to stick to a certain voice or theme. Basically, it’s like owning your own magazine where you are the writer, editor and publisher. 

It’s a place to do what you like, engage with who you like, create a community and put your words out there. You don’t need to wait for permission or an invitation, you can just get on with it whenever, and however you like. 

Building a community

I love social media.

I love posting and engaging on there but the platforms could go down tomorrow, my account could be hacked or deleted and I wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it. I wouldn’t be able to get in contact with my followers over there, I have no control over it.

But what I do have, is control over this website and my blog. I’ve been building up a solid email list and need to start sending out my newsletter again as is a brilliant way to build up a community. It’s a place where I can share news about my books and writing, where I can build up relationships and really engage.

Earning money

I don’t earn much from this blog, in the past it’s just about paid for itself but after looking at my analytics, I realized there is an earning potential here that I’m not taking advantage of.

It was only when a marketing company got in touch with me, completely out of the blue, that I learned I’m a microblogger. And that, apparently, is worth something. This article explains exactly what that means and what influencer marketing is about. I’ve signed up with several agencies, and so far, have really enjoyed working with them. In the past I’ve worked with a few select brands on my social media platforms, but I want to do more of this in my blog. 

Aside from the monetary benefits, it also provides the opportunity for a larger reach and getting seen by bigger numbers. This profile on Amanda LaCount shows how creating content and building up a following can get brilliant results.

I’m only just dipping my toe into this area, but I think it’s worth investigating. I never thought that blogging could provide a good income, but the more I research into it, the more I’m learning that it can.

And earning money from writing, so I can write more, sounds good to me.

Blogging is back

I’ve found myself reading blogs again. Instagram just allowed the feature to post from your PC, and as a result, I’m seeing longer captions in posts from the people I follow and this, in turn, has led to me visiting their blog. I find that I kind of expect people who have an engaging platform on social media to have a website or blog. If they don’t, I’m a little bit miffed, I want to read more from them and hear their story. 

I also think, with the amount of people choosing to become influencers as a career, blogs will again rise in popularity. It’s kind of come full circle, from the beginning when blogs were fresh and exciting to them being boring compared to social media to now, where they complement the social media platforms.

Do you have a blog? And if so, have you seen a rise in your insights? 


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