Hashtags for the Bookish (free download)

Hashtags, are without doubt, one of the best ways to be found on social media.
They are a great way to connect with new people. To let people know what you do and if used correctly, can be a really powerful tool in getting fresh engagement, new followers and new connections.

hashtags for the bookish
Without them, your post is floating about, hoping to be noticed. With them, your post discoverable. Using hashtags correctly can make all the difference between being found and being lost.

There’s been a few doubts about them recently over on Instagram. I’ve heard a few people questioning if they’re as powerful as they used to be, but just recently, I changed mine on there and noticed an upsurge in engagement.

I have no idea if it’s a coincidence or something else that’s changed on my account, but it’s working so I’m going to keep using them. I’m also using them on my stories which seems to be getting them seen more as well.

And Instagram aside, I know they’re a must for Pintrest and Twitter (Facebook I’m not too sure about) so you really need to start using them if you aren’t already. They’re a way to find like minded people and more importantly, a way for them to find you.

How to make hashtags work

To get your post seen and to get people interacting with it, the hashtags you use are important. Select them carefully. Think of them like a massive pin which attaches your post to a bulletin board. Some are pins to really popular bulletin boards, others not so much, so if you want to get the best out of your hashtags you need a mix – some massively popular ones, some less used. This gives your post the best chance of being seen.

Inventive hashtags

The best hashtags are the ones that are a little more descriptive.
The ones that are a little off beat and show your work rather than tell it. So a hashtag like #books will not really work for you. There are millions of posts with that hashtag so the chances of your post being seen is slim as new posts are going up every second. However a hashtag like #fortheloveofreading has a much lower number of people using it, so will give your post a much better chance of being discovered.

Mix it up

The other thing to remember is to mix the hashtags up.
Don’t use the same ones over and over, pick up different hashtags that are a good match for your post and try different selections but all in the same theme. Using this strategy people should find you for longer, visiting the less popular hashtags and seeing you there as well as the regular ones.

I use a selection of about twenty hashtags for my posts, all within the same bookish theme but different depending on my subject matter. Some are more writer focused, some more for readers.
And, I made you something! My first free download!
I was compiling my favourite bookish hashtags and thought others might get some use out of it too. Sign up to get the free download.

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