Fun Things All Book-loving Travellers Should Do

Travelling and books. Isn’t that just the best combination? I rarely ever go anywhere without a book in my pocket but if you’re a bookworm who likes to travel, combining your two hobbies allows you to have twice the fun.

There are some excellent ways to explore new places by adding a literary twist to your travels. You can discover new places through books and other material, even if you’re not actually going anywhere.

Seek Out Local Bookstores

Spending some time on a bookshop is never a waste of time. It’s always fun to explore a new bookshop, especially an independent shop that has a unique atmosphere. When you’re travelling, you can look for local bookshops and maybe even buy something to take home. Even if you’re abroad, you can find books in English, buy something in the local language or pick up something visual like a coffee table book.

Read Works By Local Authors

If you want a fun way to find out more about the places that you visit, reading works by local authors, poets, and playwrights is a great idea. You can enjoy some of the area’s most famous literary artists and understand how the locality might have influenced their work.

Visit Impressive Libraries

As well as visiting bookshops, you can also seek out libraries when you’re travelling. Of course, some libraries are just ordinary community libraries. However, there are also many impressive, historical libraries that are both beautiful and have a large collection of works to explore. Not all libraries have readily accessible collections, but you may be able to visit anyway.

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