English countryside in autumn and why I love it

The English Countryside, in Autumn, is one of my favourite places.
When we moved to the Lake District three years ago, I pretty much loved it at any time of the year. Each season brought beauty and although I love it throughout the year here, there is something really special about the autumn months.

The summer can be very unpredictable and winter can be full of gray days and storms, but the autumn months are something else.

This is the time I often invite family and friends over, and here’s why:

English Countryside

Autumn foliage

It’s a riot of colour around the English countryside at the moment. Bright yellow, red and orange are dotted along the landscape as entire forests change their leaves. And because there are so many bodies of water in the Lake District, the fiery landscapes are reflected in the lakes.

I’m still a big kid and I love finding and collecting conkers. Luckily, my youngest will still search with me and enjoys it as much as I do, but there is something magical about finding the perfect conker.

And did you know that conkers keep spiders away? They release a chemical that spiders seem to hate, so I like to place a bowl of them in my bedroom – I don’t mind spiders in the house but the thought of them creeping on my bed when I’m asleep freaks me out!


English Countryside


Less tourists

When we first moved here, one of our neighbours told us that he went away for the whole of August. I remember thinking ‘Why on Earth do that? August is the best time to be in the Lake District!’ but now I know better.

August is lovely, and if the weather is good, there’s nowhere better, but it is JAM PACKED. And to be honest, it seems to be getting worse each year.

I really don’t mind the tourists, I love how much business they bring into the area and the English countryside is so beautiful that everyone should get to enjoy it whenever they like, but there is something special about being the only person in a stunning landscape. Something really mindful.

One of my favourite things to do is to get out early morning, with my camera and notebook, head out into the fells and know that I won’t see a soul.

English Countryside


Open Fires

Is there anything like a pub with an open fire?

I think not. Especially when you’ve just had a long walk. Most of the country pubs around here have wonderful open fires and it’s one of the best places to be with a pint of local ale after being in the elements.

Go leaf kicking, collect conkers, take in the stunning scenery and then get beside an open fire. There really is no better way to spend the day.




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