Creative Intentions for September, what are yours?

Creative intentions. I know, the cynic in me gave it a bit of an eye roll when I typed that phrase out too, but ‘goals’ sounds a bit too serious and ‘resolutions’ are something I’ve never been able to stick to, so intentions it is.

creative intentions

September always has a New Year vibe about it don’t you think? All summer I’ve been saying, ‘when summer is over, I’m going to…’ or ‘when the kids are back at school, I’ll work on…’

And now it’s here.
I’m looking forward to crisp mornings, trees filled with yellow and orange leaves, woolly blankets, candles and hot soup. I have plans for exercise and eating, decorating jobs around the house and travelling, but those intentions are for other lists.  This is what I plan to do creatively.

With only four months left in this year, I’m going to try and split it up, month by month into my creative intentions for that time. I’m hoping that by focusing on shorter periods like this, instead of grouping everything I want done by Christmas together, it’ll be more effective. I’ll also have a bit of accountability in the form of this blog, as I plan to update how I’m getting on at the end of each month.

Here’s my creative intentions for September.


What do you want to achieve creatively this month? Do you feel an urge to achieve something in the final part of this year? Let me know so we can cheer each other on.

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