Creative Intentions for October

Creative intentions is a monthly thing now. Did I tell you that? It started last month, with September. The start of a new academic year made me want to set some goals and, looking back on what I achieved in the month, it worked.

creative intentions
Here were my creative intentions for September:

  • Write at least one thousand words on my novel every day
    I did this to some extent. And, I set up a writing army as a way of getting some accountability into my writing days. It’s got it’s own hashtag on Instagram and I was really pleased when I started getting messages from other people who were joining in. I’m now up to about 30,000 on book three which is great.
  • Read three fiction books: Lisa JewellDawn O’Porter and Rachel Rhys for starters
    Didn’t get this done. I finished the Rachel Rhys and I’m half way through the Lisa Jewell, so more reading time is needed in October and less time watching Killing Eve and The Bodyguard type programs!
  • Get more organised with my Instagram
    Not done too bad with this, got my ‘gram on and started posting a bit, but there’s still something not quite right with my account that I can’t put my finger on. It needs more authenticity  on there, but I don’t have the time to create the pictures I want to. I think I may have to accept that my grid is going to be a little bit all over the place for a while.
  • Research and start a Facebook book club group
    Yes! Done this. I started the Domestic Suspense Book Club over on Facebook with some other lovely authors and it’s already got over 100 members. If you haven’t joined, come over!
  • Get more regular with my blog posts, two a week for the next four weeks!
    I only did four blog posts in September, not eight, so need to work on that. But, I did create a thing! I had a go at making my first PDF and giving it away as a free download.

So October, what’s my plans?

  • Edit book two
    My notes came back from my editor this week and they are amazing and exciting and I can’t wait to get going. Writing of book three may have to be on hold whilst edits for book two get done. So I’ve got an editing template that I’m going to fill in over on Instagram stories to keep to my accountability. (You can download a blank one for this over on my profile)
  • Read three books
    Finish the Lisa Jewell, read Dawn O’Porter and start on another.
  • Blog more
    I need to get two posts a week if I want to make this blog into anything. Everywhere I read that consistency is the key to building an audience so I need to work on that. Eight blog posts for October. That’s the aim.
  • Start drawing
    I’ve started walking to work and there’s so much beauty out there at the moment. Autumn is one of the prettiest seasons and somehow it’s not enough to take pictures. I’ve started collecting things – coming home with my pockets full of leaves, feathers and other finds.  I thought I might start drawing them, it helps when I’m working through my ideas for writing, so even though I feel a bit daft about starting a sketchbook, I’m going to give it a go.

And in other news, the audiobook of If He Wakes is out today! (You’ll be glad to know it’s not me reading) It’s the weirdest and most wonderful thing listening to someone else read out my words. So if you love audio books, give it a go.

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