Content ideas to boost engagement

In my facebook group, one of the questions I ask new members is what they’re struggling with on TikTok, and the main answer is content. What content to create and I think this spans all platforms on social media.

As authors, we know we should be showing up on social media, we know the benefits, we know we need to keep up the hustle, but we aren’t always quite sure how, or what to say.

So here’s a few ideas.

These content ideas are my go-to’s when my views are low as they’ re all focused on increasing engagement, as that’s a key metric to every algorithm.

If you get a good conversation going in the comments, where you’re not just answering them, but your followers are talking to each other, it’s gold.

Mainly because the algorithm recognises a post that has people talking and will push it out further, expanding your reach, but it also means you’re building a solid community. And that, my friend, is what we need.

Authors need a thriving community to sell books -old and new – and also to help with the mental load. There’s nothing like having a solitary day writing and then going to your community and finding a bunch of people who are delighted to hear from you.

A place to share offers, pre-orders, sales – a place where you aren’t shouting into the void. Here are my top content ideas for generating engagement.


I have a favourite mug that I drink tea out of when I’m writing. It a new one, it’s got a drawing of a blue owl on it, and it has a story behind it.

I’m friends with three other wonderful authors, we message daily on Whatsapp and once a month, we Zoom for a catch up chat. This last month has been a little hard for me in terms of my current MS, and as a lovely surprise, my owl mug arrived.

A present from my lovely author friends. I have it here on the side of my desk as I write this to you. It makes me feel cared for, understood and that I’m not alone in tapping out imaginary scenarios on my keyboard. Have you got one? And if not a mug, a notebook? A certain pen?

That’s rich and wonderful content right there. Share it with your followers and ask if they have one. This can be done in any form – film it and you telling the story behind it for Reels and TikTok and YouTube shorts, type it out for Twitter, photograph it for Instagram and LinkedIn. Start with a hook, ‘you’re going to love the story as to how I ended up with this ____’ and end with a call to action that asks for comments.


I hope you know your ideal reader. Are they busy mums? Stressed out teens? Workaholics? Retired? Whoever they are, ask them stuff about their life that’s relatable. It’s that easy.

People love to talk about themselves, they love to share and be seen, so let them!

My ideal reader is a mum, mid-thirties to early forties, probably has a busy home life and a part time job. She loves cooking, but never gets time to do it, and endlessly seems to be chasing her tail.

I have so much to ask her. But I often ask her about planning, as I know we both share a love of notebooks. My posts where I ask my community about journaling are some of the most engaged. Think about what you can ask your ideal reader and get them to answer in the comments.

What’s their binge worthy TV shows? What are they reading right now? Tell me if this relates to you…?

All good conversation starters and can all be done in any platform.

Try these and see if your engagement has a boost!

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