Boozy microwave fudge

Boozy microwave fudge, made in minutes, super easy and a loose tie in with my book. What more could you want from a blog post? This is a part of the #AdventingAuthors calendar run by Tracy Buchanan.

boozy microwave fudge

If He Wakes is set in Chester, around the Christmas period.

The Chester Christmas parade and markets are a backdrop to the book, as I wanted the chaotic feeling to this time of year to add to the tension.

One of my main characters Rachel, (oh poor Rachel, I can’t think about her without feeling sad) is a chef and at the beginning of the book, she takes on the catering and organisation of a twenty-first party, Gatsby themed.
At the start, before all hell breaks loose, she’s thinking of all manner of posh nibbles, but as her life unravels there’s little time for anything and that’s where this recipe comes in!  (I told you it was a very, very loose tie in)

microwave fudge

I like to think of Rachel whisking up a batch of this boozy fudge, sitting in the kitchen, her broken ankle propped up whilst she mixes and takes the bowl of sugary mixture in and out of the microwave.

This recipe doesn’t feature in the story, but only because I discovered it recently, if I’d known about this when I was writing, it would definitely have gotten a mention as it’s so bloomin’ good and ridiculously easy.

Also, if you’re the kind of person to give homemade treats as gifts then look no further. You could even get yourself a little Christmas shaped cutter, like this one from Lakeland, some fancy boxes or bags, and away you go.

You can have a couple of batches of this done in a morning and not break a sweat. So here’s how you do it:


Microwave Fudge Recipe

You’ll need:

A big microwavable, heat proof bowl. The mixture will bubble up and if your bowl isn’t big enough, it will spill over the side!

A square baking tin, ideally 20cm, but whatever you have will be fine.

400g Golden Caster Sugar

397g Condensed Milk

140g Salted Butter

1 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste

2 tbsp of the alcohol of your choice – Baileys, Coffee Liqueur, Amaretto or Brandy all work well.


This is what you do:

Chop up the butter, grease the baking tray.

Put the sugar, condensed milk and butter in the large heat proof bowl. Give it a pinch of salt and whack it in the microwave on high for two minutes.

Take it out and stir like mad for thirty seconds or so.

Repeat the above (in the microwave for two minutes, stirring for thirty seconds) until the mixture has been in the microwave for a total of ten minutes. So basically, you’ll do this five times.


Each time you take it out, you’ll notice the mixture is getting thicker and is bubbling up more. Keep up with the stirring!

After you’ve done this, add the vanilla paste and the alcohol and then put it back in for a final two minutes. Keep your eye on it for bubbling over though.

Take it out and whisk it for a good minute. This will be hard if you’re doing it by hand as the mixture will be getting thick and gooey and very much like fudge, but whisk as much as you can!

Scrape the caramel coloured mixture into the baking tin and smooth it out a little, then leave it to set for about an hour.

Make sure it’s firm and then go ahead and cut it into any shape you fancy and viola! Boozy microwave fudge! And if you fancy eating it over a good read, well, here’s one I can recommend.

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