#BookLove – Thrilling Life Stories for the Masses

I’m finishing a book, have just moved house and now in the throws of trying to get myself organised with a writing office and a reading nook, so posts have been a little off kilter lately. My apologies.

However, I’ve come up with a new feature idea. Every Tuesday is from now on going to be Book Love Tuesday. I’m not entirely sure what this means in terms of content, but I like the title so I’m going with it.

The first post in this series are some hilarious and quite frankly, stunning illustrations from Thrilling Life Stories for the Masses published in 1892

I am in love with the whole idea of the Thrilling Stories Committee and can’t help from imagining what their meetings must’ve looked like. Did they have an agenda? What topics did they discuss when choosing stories? Were any topics too thrilling to include? Anyway, I lost a couple of hours going through the illustrations, but here are a few of my favourites.

The tag lines on some of these are the best I’ve read! ‘It would be murder, slow diabolical murder’ she murmured.’

It’s safe to say I think I’d enjoy all of these stories.
Looks like it’s all high stakes, shocks and thrills with a bit of murder thrown in. To think that they were written 127 years ago shows that not much has changed as to what people like to read.
And if I do set up a Thrilling Stories Committee, would you like to join?


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