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The book cover for IF HE WAKES.  Isn’t it beautiful?

if he wakes, book cover, zoe lea

I wasn’t sure whether this actually warranted a blog post, but then I remembered that I’ve been waiting for this to happen for YEARS so I thought, sod it, it’s getting its own post.

And actually, I think I should apologise now for the numerous blog posts that I’m going to write about my book in the weeks coming up to publication.
I’m frightened I’ll turn into one of those authors whose every social media post or comment will somehow mention the book they have out, but here’s the thing.  I’m excited, giddy and thrilled about this happening, so cut me a little slack, will you?

Anyway, back to the book cover.  I love it, (did I mention that) and I was also surprised at how emotional I got when I saw it.

When I was writing this book, which took forever, I often fantasized about what the book cover would look like.  A friend even suggested that I do a mock-up book cover and pin it to my wall as motivation, which I never got around to, and the main reason was because I always got a bit stuck with how it would look.

I knew it should  be something dark and moody, but I couldn’t imagine what.  Seems so bizarre, as I’m a photographer and all, but I just couldn’t pin down an image when I daydreamed about it being published.

As the book starts with a hit and run, I’d often thought it would be of some car keys, or a damaged bumper.  I also thought it might be a couple of women, maybe looking at each other suspiciously or something, but thank goodness it wasn’t up to me. I can seriously see why I’m not in the book cover design game.

The cover that the publishers have done is just perfect, it consolidates everything that the book is about. It asks questions, sets the right mood and overall is just, well, perfect.  When I had a first look at it, I got all emotional.  In fact, if I’m being honest, I had a little cry.

So anyhow, there it is.

And it’s now on Amazon here, (with my name listing me as an ‘author’ which also made me a bit weepy) available for preorder.  And it’s out on the 30th April, but if you’re on Net Galley you can request a copy for review. My stomach goes all tight and swirly with the thought of people I’ve never met reading the thing. It’s just fantastic.

And if you’re reading this and you’re in the midst of writing your own book, and feeling a little ‘meh’ about the whole thing, I’m here to tell you to carry on.

Keep going.  Because seeing your book cover come to life, seeing other people interpret your ideas, it really is just magic.


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