Foundations Coaching

Foundations Coaching

In this personalised coaching program, you'll go from being unsure about your socials to being totally confident.

In six one-on-one sessions, you will learn how to master social media platforms so that you can easily repurpose your content, be visible on many social media platforms with little effort and have a solid presence online. By the end of our sessions, you'll be certain of what and how to grow and expand your readership.

In the Foundations Coaching you will get:

  • A full social media audit and overview of where you are when we begin
  • Bespoke social strategy for your author platform
  • In line with your author platform social strategy, a content plan and schedule
  • Management tools and strategies for organising your social media platforms
  • A personalised plan for repurposing your content and process of how to do it in minimal time
  • Social media training, including tips and tricks that work
  • 6-12 months of content ideas
  • How to build on your platform going forward