A little update…

It’s cold as I write this.
Bitter, frosty and fingers-freezing-as-I-type kind of cold. The fire is on and I’m doing this quick post as I wait to warm up.
The light was pink this morning, was it the same where you are?
There was a clear sky and a dusting of white frost over everything and it was a little bit magical. After the school run, I went over by the lake to try and catch it on camera, but it didn’t do it justice somehow. I plan to post the results on Instagram later, so let me know what you think.

I’m getting ahead of myself, this post isn’t about how cold it is or what I’m planning to post on Instagram, it’s a little update. Considering the last time I posted was way back in March, I thought it was time I wrote something fresh.

It’s been a busy few months. My book was published in digital format in May and that was a little surreal. I got a beautiful bunch of flowers from my lovely publishers and some really great reviews from early readers.

It’s still hard to think of it out there, of strangers reading my words and it quite blows my mind to be honest. The paperback is due out June 2020 (I think) My publishers are hopeful that it might get in the supermarkets if it goes out on that date, so cross your fingers for me would you?
Apparently it makes all the difference to sales if it gets in the stores as it’s where most people buy their books from now.

And then my boy left high school. Which was also a big deal. I didn’t realise just how big a deal it would be until it was happening. To be honest, I was pretty stressed the entire time he was taking his exams – that was something I wasn’t prepared for, the worry and the constant range of emotions as each exam rolled around.
I kept remembering my GCSE’s, the image of that exam room in my mind, all those desks in rows and the sweaty hands gripping pens in silence as the clock ticked down the minutes. UGH. So we were all relieved when they were over.

In June, I went over to Edinburgh and the highlands as research for my next book which was just brilliant. I’ve never been that far north before but the Scottish moors feature heavily in the book, The Influencer, and I’m going to try and squeeze another visit in soon if I can.

Talking of the book, it’s coming together, finally, as it’s been a bit hard to write this one. My confidence left me altogether around the time The Secretary was published, and it was just the worst. Sitting down with a blank page in front of you with your head full of voices telling you that you can’t write was a bit pants.

But, as my granddad was fond of saying, ‘everything passes.’ And it did. I sent off the thing to my editor a few days ago and I know they’ll be a lot of work to do on it yet, but it’s getting there. I got to write ‘The End’ and for that I am grateful.

It feels like life is moving fast, which is why I want to journal things here again. I get those reminders on social media, the ‘your memories from two years ago…’ kind of thing, but it feels like writing it down is more secure somehow.
My mum had a heart attack a few months ago and it’s put a new perspective on things. I’m happy to say that she’s doing really well, but something like that throws everything up in the air and when stuff lands, it’s no longer where it used to be.

But there’s been so much to be grateful for these past months. I went to a crime writing festival and met people there who immediately became close friends. I’ve found their support and encouragement to be just wonderful as I’ve been writing.

I’ve made time for the friends close by, laughed with them so much that I’d forgotten quite what it feels like to be that daft. With things being so serious lately (exams, book deadlines, work, poorly mum) I’d forgotten how important it is to just laugh and be silly, which I plan to do a lot more of.

I’ve also decided that next year, I’m aiming to take the whole of August off. The summer holidays were HARD this year. It was tough working and looking after kids at the same time, so I want to try and squeeze some more time with the family. It’s a bold move to be writing that down, I know, but a few months ago, I wrote that I wanted ten thousand followers on Instagram and you know what? I’m up to eleven thousand, so I’m doing the same here in the hope that it’ll happen. A whole four weeks off please, same time as the kids.

I’m also setting up a new business, got another book idea and lots of other plans and ideas for 2020, but that’s a whole other post. I feel like I’ve waffled enough on here as it is.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. That’s where I’ve been these past months, how about you?

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