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Writing podcasts, for me, are the way to write when I’m not writing.

Let me explain a little, because I can see your brow creasing up in confusion at that sentence. So, for me, and I know it might not be the same for you, but when I have a writing project on the go, when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about it.

Not all the time, but whenever there is a lapse in the busy day-to-day, those moments when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, the child to hurry putting on their shoes, the drive to the supermarket, in those moments, I’m thinking about the writing. And although this is not officially what you’d class as writing, because it’s not physically putting pen to paper, it’s a HUGE part of the process for me.

It’s where I work out character traits, struggle with plot holes, think of setting, etc. But sometimes, my mind doesn’t want to go there. It’s sick of thinking about the book, it’s bored with trying to work out the plot and that’s where writing podcasts come in.

I find it incredibly inspiring to listen to other authors talk, to hear about their process and how they work. And I always come away from a writing podcast with renewed energy and inspiration to write. I love them and listen to them daily if I can.

So here’s my top five:

Writing podcasts In Suspense

This is a video podcast, link to the YouTube here and find it on iTunes here. It’s hosted by the wonderful Lesley Kara and Lauren North and they discuss the psychological suspense genre, speaking to authors and chatting about book related news.



Writing podcastsWriters Routine

I love listening to how other authors work and this writers routine podcast satisfies my curious mind into what other authors are doing. Each episode, Dan Simpson chats to a writer and asks about thier working day. Find it on iTunes here





Writing podcastsThe Honest Authors Podcast

Holly Seddon and Gillian McAllister bring a fortnightly episode where they discuss all things about writing. Sometimes it’s in the form of an interview, sometimes it’s just chat, but it’s always interesting. Subscribe on iTunes here.




Writing podcastsBeautiful Writers Podcast

Linda Sivertsen talks to the authors on writing, publishing, and anything and everything else! These interviews are mostly with huge authors that I don’t really hear on other shows, so it’s always a treat to listen to. Here’s the link on iTunes.




Writes for Women Podcast

This podcast is all about women’s voices in publishing and literature. Pamela Cook interviews authors about various issues to do with writing and talks about books and literature. Subscribe here.


What writing podcasts do you listen to? Let me know of them in the comments so I can add them to my list.

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