5 ways to supercharge your Instagram

Last month, I posted about how to make Instagram pictures that get results. I’d changed a few things with my account, actually started practising some of the great advice I’d been told.

I focused on my content, researched my hashtags and after about three years of being static, my account suddenly started to grow.
My pictures regularly started getting over 1000 likes and after stagnating at around 2800 followers, this week I hit four thousand. That’s 1000 new followers in just over a month.

In fact this week, I’m averaging at around 50 new followers a day, which is something I thought would never happen, so I’d thought I’d do a bit of a review, as a reminder to myself about the stuff that has been working and what I need to keep doing.

Repeat what works

Find your most popular post and do it again.
Honestly, I used to read this Instagram tip and think, ‘but I’ve already done it, I want to create other things!’
And that’s great, do other things, but if you want to grow your account, try doing the popular thing again.
Take the post that got the most engagement and redo it. Copy yourself. Think of a slight thing you can change, a prop or a setting. Something that will make it a little different.

For me, it’s the open book post. I change the book and the landscape but it’s the same composition and even though I thought I’d get thoroughly bored with it, I actually love taking this shot.
Now I’m constantly looking out for perfect views and how the light falls. It’s become a bit of a challenge to make the same shot look refreshing. I’ve even created a hashtag for it #openbooklandscape and I’m delighted to see that other people are joining in!

Keep focused

I only started growing once I made the conscious decision to stick with books, landscapes and tea. Nothing else.
I changed to a bookstagram account and I think that made the biggest difference. No more random shots of my family, nothing about a new trick I’d just learned on photoshop. If the post didn’t include a book, it wasn’t going in and this leads me onto my next point…

Look after the grid

This is super important if you want new followers.
People will go to your feed and decide in a second, maybe even less than a second, if they want to follow you. For this reason your grid has to SHOUT OUT exactly what you’re about.

This is where all the focused post come in, but you also need to keep an eye on how it all looks together.
I decided to alternate my posts with an open book outside and an open book inside in some form or another. I’m also trying to keep to the light/dark theme so it looks like a checker-board overall.

Hashtag research

I went on about this in my other post so I won’t bang on about it too much again only to say, keep them mixed up. Keep adding fresh ones.
And, I now post them in the caption.
I have no idea if this made any difference at all, but one day I forgot to add them to the first comment and it worked fine. Maybe even better, so I’m keeping them in the caption again because it’s easier.


I moved house in the last month and as a result, didn’t post on Instagram for a week or so.
My following didn’t drop, but it didn’t grow either. So if you can, try to post every day at the same time.
And be consistent with engagement, reply to comments as they come in. Go to other accounts that don’t follow you and engage with them. Keep to a set time, say an hour or so and stick with it.
I posted outside of my usual time and noticed a huge difference in lack of engagement.

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