5 ways to create a cosy reading nook

Last week, we moved house.
We’re still in the Lake District and still in the same village, but we’ve moved into a bigger house. It’s a bit of a dream to be honest. And since we’ve moved in, I keep thinking that we’re actually on holiday and will have to go home soon. Or that the real owners will arrive home and be all like, ‘okay kids, fun’s over.’

I know how ridiculous that sounds, but honestly, that’s what it feels like. We saw the house in December and I’m writing this at the beginning of March and we’ve moved in!

Yep, it happened REALLY FAST.

There’s so much more I could say about the house move, how I hurt my back moving the boxes, how my little girl cried because she couldn’t quite understand that she wouldn’t have to leave all her toys and books behind but we’d be taking them with us, but I won’t. Because unless you’re moving, it’s boring.

So, we’re in, pretending to be proper grown-ups and it’s lovely. A dream home and I find myself, for the first position ever in my life, of having space. Having areas to plan.

I should mention that we’ve absolutely no money, but I like the challenge of designing on a budget. ALSO, that these pictures (apart from the top one) aren’t of our home. They are from the lovely instagram accounts @s.u.s.a.p and @raspberry_flavoured_windows, two brilliant accounts that are full of interior gorgeousness like this.

reading nook
via @s.u.s.a.p

First up, is a reading nook.

Our lounge has to most wonderful view of the Langdales. It also has an outside balcony (I felt giddy just typing that out, a bloody balcony people! Look at the one in the picture below, that is what I’m planning to do with it eventually) but it also has this small room off to the side of it.
As it’s all open plan and the area is a little awkward, so I’ve decided the best thing to do with this space, is to make into a reading nook.

reading nook
via @s.u.s.a.p

I can’t actually believe I’m typing these words out, you know, as if deciding to have a reading nook in your home is something everyone can do. Believe me, I get how decedent it sounds to be writing about this and as someone who often reads outside/in cars/standing up waiting for the veg to boil/in the bath/in the bed/basically anywhere, having a dedicated space as a reading nook where I can curl up with a good book is THE DREAM.

So, I’ve been doing a bit of research. Set up a Pinterest Board and realised that creating a cosy reading nook, is actually going to be quite easy and not that expensive.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:


A chair, chaise lounge, sofa, bench – it matters not what you sit on, but how you sit on it. If I’ve learned anything from hours of Pinterest scrolling reading nooks, it’s that you need all the textures. Rugs, pillows, cushions. Basically the more soft furnishings you have over your seating area the better. I’m loving this whole ‘fur’ range from Dunhelm. It doesn’t look that pricey and is in lovely soft greys. I also have a rug that I knitted last year and I’m going to combine that with some of these throws.

reading nook
via @s.u.s.a.p


Obvious. But what kind of shelfing? At first I was looking at stand alone bookcases, but then, I heard about book trolleys and from my chat on Instagram, a large amount of people stack their books up against the wall. Huge towers of them which sounds lovely. Also, it’s cheaper.


A  free standing lamp that curves over the seating area works best. Especially one that can be angled to the exact right level and angle. I have my eye on this really nice one but I don’t think it’s moveable, so will keep looking, but I do love the industrial feel to it.

reading nook
via raspberry_flavoured_windows


As the books are going to effectively be the wallpaper and therefore, be a mash of colours, I think I might stick with neutrals for the area itself. This reading nook from My Scandinavian Home is perfect, just the tones I’m aiming for, but then I saw these wonderful rich pictures – that gold wall for instance, so I’m still undecided.

reading nook
via raspberry_flavoured_windows


Can’t really help myself when it comes to bringing the outside in, so I’m planning to do this by littering house plants all over the area. They’re also going to provide a bit of a separator between the nook and the lounge, and of course, somewhere I can hide behind. The cheapest place I’ve found to buy them, believe it or not, is Homebase

So here’s my ideas so far but give me a shout if you’ve a reading nook yourself, I’d love to see it!



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