5 Things you would be surprised to learn about me

I’ve not been writing much on this blog, it’s been neglected for a while (aren’t I always saying that!) Any way, I’ve joined in with a visibility hashtag with the fabulous Lisa Johnson and today’s prompt was sharing 5 things that people might not know about me.

My first thought was to get on social media, but then I thought this was much better suited to a blog post so here we are.

  1. I keep falcons and owls.
    Well, my husband does and I get to take them out. We’ve had flacons for years and recently got some owls which I absolutely love.  As well as writing and working as a social media strategist, I work with my husband providing falconry experiences.

  2. I am obsessed with TikTok
    In fact as I write this, I am filming myself on TikTok live! (I host writing sessions on there) Are you on TikTok yet? It’s the best platform for writers to be on at the moment and the best way to build up your author platform. If you are on TikTok, let’s be friends! I’ve a private Facebook group where we talk about how to build up our author profiles and I LOVE helping other authors and writers out with growing their following and building up their author platform.
  3. I hate starters
    If we go out for a meal, even if it’s a really fancy restaurant and the food is properly delicious, I will most probably refuse a starter. I know, and I’ve had much arguments with fellow diners over this, but I am more than happy to watch them eat and not having a starter because I know if I do, I won’t have room for dessert. And I’m much more of a dessert type girl, so leave me alone and eat your soup. I’ll do the talking whilst you slurp.

  4. I’m a middle child.
    I have two sisters, one older and one younger and we’re each four years apart. I spent my childhood trying to make them be in ‘plays’ with me, which neither of them wanted to do, but I really loved being in little shows that we’d then force our parents to watch. Reading that back, it seems I started making up stories at an early age. I wish we’d videoed some of them, I would love to watch them now.

  5. I really love old 80’s films.
    So much so, that it’s a tradition in our house to have a Friday Film Night which consists of an old 80’s movie and lots of crisps and sweets. What’s my favourite you ask? Back to the Future of course. The first one. Don’t even talk to me about the sequel.


So there’s five things! Tell me five things about you, including your favourite film.

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