5 brilliant free apps for instagram

I feel like I should start this with a disclaimer as I’m not an expert in this field, but I thought I’d make a list of the best free apps that I love for Instagram. Mainly because whenever I get into a chat with other Instagram users, and we share our favourite free apps, we’re both often surprised.

This is primarily just a list, with a little bit of info about each app. I haven’t gone into detail about how each of them work, because if I did then this post would be huge!  But if you want more information on how I use any of these apps, then leave a note in the comments and I’ll do a post about it.

  1. VSCO
    If you aren’t using this then get it now.  This is such a powerful editing tool and is my first port of call for any of my photographs. In fact, I don’t think I’ve uploaded a photograph on Instagram that I haven’t messed about with on VSCO first. The paid version has a lot more filters and some other features I think, but I have the free version and it’s brilliant.
  2. Photo Timer+
    I have an iPhone and I find the timer on it is pretty rubbish, it takes a batch of photographs instead of just one and it takes them all at the same time. This app does what a timer should do, it allows you to set up the time, the number of pictures taken and the interval between each picture. It also has a handy countdown to each picture so you can prepare yourself.  I use this for most of my flatlay shots where my hands are in the photograph.
  3. Hype Type
    This is great for  Instagram stories.  It lets you add animated text to your images and you can play about with the style and font.  I got this and went a bit mad with it, every story I did for a while had this moving text on in one way or another, so be warned, it can be a bit addictive.
  4. Planoly
    Perfect for seeing how your grid will look before you post your photograph, and this is good for two reasons.  One, it lets you see if your photographs as someone else would when they visited your Instagram page.  It lets you see if your photograph is in keeping with the rest of your shots, or if, for instance, there’s a mad pink element to it that you hadn’t noticed.  It lets you keep a theme and feel to your gallery, and if you’re short of time, you can take all your photographs at the weekend and then plan them out in this little app.  The other great reason to use this is for the white balance. By putting your photographs side by side you can tell if you’ve got the tones right, if all your images are ‘warm’ or ‘cold’.  This was something that I’ve only just got, but it makes a massive difference to how your feed looks overall.
  5. MaskArt
    This is one of the best apps I’ve got and as I’m writing this, it’s no longer available, BUT, before you go mad at me, I’ve heard that it comes and goes, so I’m including it here so you can keep an eye out for next time it’s there.  This is a great little app for creating Cinemagraphs, which are those Harry Potter type moving images, like this one here.  The ones where all of the image is still apart from a small section of it.  I do know that there are other apps out there that do this, but I haven’t yet tried those.

So that’s my top five, what are yours? 


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  • Ooo I might have to try some of these out! My photo editing definitely needs some work! I’m not very good with the technical things ha! I got told about vsco last week- I downloaded the app but it said it was only a trial so I got abit confused! But I will defo try some of these out! And try again with vsco!

    • Definitely try VSCO, honestly, it’s a game changer and it’s easy to use. I’ve heard good things about Snapseed too, but I don’t use that one, I’m VSCO all the way!