3 apps to create awesome Instagram stories


3 apps to create awesome instagram storiesInstagram stories

They’re the best way to grow your account, they beat the dreaded algorithm, they’re fun to watch and yet, I don’t really do them as much as I should.  Which is bonkers, because I know that  by doing a Instagram story I’ve increased my chances of being seen by accounts who may miss me.
Instagram stories also increase my chances of being seen by accounts who don’t follow me, as stories are discoverable – a selection are chosen to be featured on people’s explore page and they’re also used on the hashtag,  so using instagram stories is a real opportunity that I forget about most days.
Because mostly, I can’t think of anything worth sharing.  I know there’s a lot I could post up, but to be honest, with everything else I’ve got to get done during the day, Instagram stories were way down on my list, that is, until I started adding animation, and for me, it’s been a bit of a game changer.
I’ve already written about 5 brilliant free apps for instagram, but these aren’t on that post and they’re now my top 3 I use to animate my stories.


3 apps to create awesome instagram stories


This is a great little app full of effects and videos that bring your photos to life.  Most of the effects seem to be targeted at selfies, similar to the snapchat kind, but that aside there are some really great animations in there that you can create a cinemagraph with.
It’s really easy to use, and once you’ve had a play around with it, you’ll get the idea. You have the option of taking a photograph or video, or selecting a photograph from your gallery to add the effect to.  You can’t add an effect or filter to a previously filmed video, and photographs selected from your gallery are chopped down the the ‘square’ size favoured by Instagram so it’s worth keeping in mind. My favourites are the steam coming out of coffee, sunlight beams and fog.  But there really is loads to choose from, so have a search through and see which one fits your photograph.

3 apps to create awesome instagram stories

I just got into this a few weeks ago and already I’m hooked!  This little app allows you to animate any part of the photograph, creating a hypnotising movement. This is a little trickier to use compared to Luymer, as you have to select which parts of the photograph you want to animate and which parts to keep still.  It’s quite simple though once you get the hang of it.
You start by selecting the photograph you want to animate, then using the ‘anchor’ tool you select the parts in the photograph that you want to keep still.  You then select ‘animate’ and apply this to the areas you want to move.  There’s also a ‘mask’ option for larger areas and an ‘undo’ button for if you go too far!

3 apps to create awesome instagram stories

This isn’t an animation app, but a story creator and it is FABULOUS!
It provides layouts and templates (like those seen above) to put your animations in so that they aren’t cropped to the Instagram story size.  It also lets you add text and present them in a elegant way.
At the moment, it’s free, so I would grab it while you can!  Follow along on Instagram to see more animation and tag me in on yours, I can’t wait to see what you do!

So that’s my top three, are there any apps that you’re using to amplify your Instagram stories?

3 apps to create awesome instagram stories

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